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I love drawing any kind of animals or creatures using different styles.

Dog portrait commission

These animals are so beautiful...

Dead Viserion against Jon Snow

An Illustration I made as a tribute to Game of Thrones.

Winter Horse

Commission I made for a horse lover!

A tribute to the Amazonia

I dedicated this drawing to all the living beings that suffered the horrors of the Amazon fire. Jaguars are one of the endangered species we should be protecting.

Sketching Animals

I always love drawing animals when I have some spare time... I'd dedicate myself to do animal studies!

Artwork for a Dark Ride

I did this quick concept for Immersive Planet. It is part of an upcoming project on a notorious Theme Park! The beast was created by me.

Sea Serpent

Meant for a project I'm currently working on.

My Digimon

Who hasn't dreamt about having their own Digimon? Well, that would have been one of my many dreams! The Symbol I created at the top of the image along with the Kanji means Justice.


Tayrët's loyal companion. Even if she seems a little bit threatening, she really is a sweetheart.

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