A.A.A. Concept Artist

Drawing has always been a way to express all my inner worlds. I remember my first rough sketches of my own Neverland when I was but a mere six year old dreamer.


As I grew up and technology started making its way into our contemporary world, I discovered that digital drawing could make my purpose even more challenging, and, not being one to back down, I took the chance and enrolled on a four year degree of Animation 2D/3D and Video games art. 
Even though I love drawing all kind of things, I have a soft spot for fantastic creatures and animals. I've been creating art for different companies for three years now. Creative writing and video editing are also a few of my artistic skills.


I am a very active and spontaneous artist and I can come up with any kind of crazy ideas. My art is clearly influenced by classic Disney and Anime mostly, but I can quickly adapt to new styles.

I learn new things everyday and I will never give up on my dreams, one of them being to publish my own illustrated stories. Creating art for video games is also a passion of mine. I have produced 2D art for several mobile platforms. My latest work on an upcoming video game will be posted here soon!


Some of my work can't be posted on my website because of company copyright. I am currently collaborating with children's publisher Babidi-bú books: http://www.babidibulibros.com/

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